KAL Progess

I should be done with my Dream In Color Shrug tomorrow. I have sewed the sleeves and picked up the stitches. Just 1 1/2 inched of ribbing and then weaving in some edges:) I think three days is pretty good for this pattern:) Tomorrow I will start on my Well Traveled Socks which are a test knit for Writingmom on Ravelry. I am making them for Ernesto so hopefully by the time he gets back they will be done.

Speaking of Ernesto, Babykins is very sad that he is gone. He is such a good little kid. I wish he understood what was going on. I tell him he is on a trip and will be gone a few weeks. He repeats it back, but still asks every morning where his daddy is:(

Anyway here are twp pictures of my WIP. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some finished object pictures:) Oh and I mailed my yarn for the Rusted Root KAL to myself in NY. The last thing I need is to cast on that one while I am so close to finishing this one. It is hard to stay faithful…



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2 Responses to KAL Progess

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    Very pretty color.
    I decided to use my yarn (blue)for something else instead of making that shrug. Maybe later?


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