Knitting Failure & More

This weekend was supposed to be a grand weekend for knitting. I was supposed to get so much done. I wanted to finish the Babykins sweater and maybe a hat or two. But with Ernesto’s trip and my being left with Babykins alone (well my mother is here, but you know what I mean) there was not as much knitting as I imagined. First off I didn’t make it to my knitting group as early as I wanted. Then I kept having to run errands. And lastly, Babykins wants tons of attention. It makes sense, his father is gone and he doesn’t understand why. He asks where daddy is and I tell him on a trip. Now he says “Daddy, trip.” But I wonder when he is going to start to wonder for how long…

Babykins has been really cute. He still pats my belly and says “baby in there.” And when I was trying to work on his hoodie he asked what I was doing. I told him I was making him a sweater. He then pointed to himself and said that is was a sweater for him. He keeps repeating it when he sees me working on it. But he has been testing the waters a bit too which raises my blood pressure and preggers as I am I have been trying to calm down. I need some sort of zen or something…

So all that knitting I wanted to get done didn’t get done. I finished the body of the sweater and some of the hood. I had some graduate paper stuff to do here and there as well and that really cut into my knitting time. The nerve… So here are some pictures of my unfinished sweater. Tomorrow I will start on my socks and my KALs. Hopefully I can finish this sweater in between. Not like Bbaykins can wear it any time soon with the temps in the 90s as they are, but I don’t want to leave any more projects on the needles. Just look at how far my Snow White has gotten.



I leave for New York on Saturday. Well we leave for Dallas and then the plane leaves on Sunday morning. It is going to be nice to get somewhere green. Maybe I can even take some pictures up there. But for my travels I got a new knitting bag which I can also stash some diapers in…


It was a steal at 20% off. I look forward to using it. My Vera Bradley wasn’t going to cut it for this trip since it doesn’t close all the way. Last thing I need is stuff falling out. Now I just have to figure out what to pack in it and my luggage.

Hopefully a lot of knitting will get done on this trip. June only has 30 days after all:)

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