Excellent Mail Day

Some days are just better than others and today was a great mail day! I came home from lunch to find a mysterious package on my doorstep. I had no idea what I ordered that was sending Fedex… So I opened the package completely unaware of the awesome that was inside!!!

First I open the box and underneath the tissue paper I find a canvas bag. I was actually a bit mad since I ordered a Nantucket bag and I didn’t order a white one. But then I realized that I was looking at a Hello Kitty Bag!!!!

Picture 001

Picture 002

And it was filled with goodies!!!!

Picture 003

Hello Kitty Stuff

Picture 005

Lots of snackies. Babykins laid claim to the chips and then the gummies…

Awesome stitch markers!

Picture 007

And how can we forget the yarn! My mom wants the Ravelry red for her. I also got the Red Rose pattern in the package so I might make that with it!

Picture 004

And then I checked the mail and got my package from Woolgirl’s Embrace the Lace!!!!

The whole thing:

Picture 009

Mama Llama Yarn:

Picture 010

The extras:
Picture 011

And I got my order from Dancing Sheep! Check out the cuteness!!! A project bag and a notions bag!!!


Overall a good day on the mail front!!!

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