Explaining TDY to Babykins

Today was an action packed day! Ernesto left for his five week TDY around 1 pm. I then went to my first meetup group which I was very late to. I got to meet the hostess and that was very nice. I also stopped by Wool n Cotton and met a bunch of really nice ladies. I hope to have more get togethers in the future with hopefully more people.

Anyway Babykins is used to one of us being away for a short while. For instance if one of us works late or if one of use runs into a store. I have disappeared for many classes… Babykins asked a few times where his daddy was but a quick answer pleased him. When I was putting him to sleep today he asked again. I told him that daddy was on a trip and would be gone a long while. He nodded and went to bed peacefully. I wonder when he will realize what TDY means. Poor little guy. I miss Ernesto already, I can’t imagine how Babykins will feel:(

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