As usual I am so happy that it is the weekend. I am not sure if I will make it to the knitting meet up now:( Ernesto was supposed to be leaving early in the morning, but is now leaving at noon so I hope to find some people still knitting at that point! I also hope that Babykins takes his leaving okay. He is going to be gone for five weeks and I don’t know how much he is going to like that. The little guy is very demanding of our time and loves to play with Ernesto.

I have a lot on the plate over the weekend. I have some school work to get done. That is what I am working on in the afternoon. Also I want to finish the Babykins Hoodie so I can go into June guilt free with my projects… The DIC Shrug should go by quickly so I will work on that first I think. And I will start on the socks. The Rusted Root I hope to start the second week of June after I hopefully finish my DIC Shrug. Sigh, I really need to quit my job so I can knit more.

Tomorrow I hope to post pictures of a package I got from Blakdove on Ravelry. She and I exchanged baby gifts since we are both preggers. She sent me the cutest hat and baby booties and I want to share them with everyone. But right now I must sleep. I am getting so tired lately…

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