Strange Babykins Antics

Today I went to Austin. Ernesto and I went to Hill Country Weavers, quite possibly the best LYS EVER!!!! Anyway I picked up some Malabrigo and some Blue Sky Alpacas yarn. See!

Picture 004

Picture 003

Picture 001

I also picked up some books and buttons. I love that store!!! Cookie A is going to be there in a few weeks and I am wondering if I should go at 30 some weeks preggers…

Anyway I left Babykins at home with my mother. They had a great time. We came home and he started to inspect my purchases. He took out my Malabrigo and put it up to my nose and told me to smell it… He then took it to my mom and had her touch it and smell it… Babykins then proceeded to walk around the house with it and telling everyone that it was blue. Does my little boy realize that Malabrigo rocks? I think he wants me to make him something with the yarn. I was planning on it, but it is still strange…

Next week there is a needlecraft meetup here. I hope it goes well. I am hoping to finish the majority of my projects so I can work on some socks while there. I am slowly crossing things off my list. I also frogged a bunch of stuff that I wouldn’t have been able to pick back up. I will have to start them over again. But it did bring down my WIPs:)

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