Baby Oz Vest and Another Hat

Today I finished my Baby Oz Vest. Finally. It wasn’t a hard knit, but I kept messing it up. For instance when it talked about the left side of the sweater I would pick up the left side as I was looking at it, but it meant the left side as worn. So anyway I finally pieced it together. It still needs buttons, but I am calling it done.

Picture 561

Picture 559

And here is a picture of the other Victorian Rose Hat I made. Looks familiar right:)

Picture 557

In the cooking world I made a really tasty cake that my watch used to make. Ernesto loved it as did my mother. It is not going to help me lose weight. In my classic fashion lately, I forgot to get a picture of it:( But picture a sweet, good tasting cake.

Lastly I just remembered that today is Thursday and that I wanted to go to knit night:(

But at least I am getting stuff off the list of knitting doom…

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