Sleeping Woes

Babykins doesn’t like to go to bed anymore. Last night I decided to sit with him as he feel asleep to see if there was something he was scared of or if he would go down faster. I stayed there for 40-50 minutes. It cut into my knitting time, but I was still able to finish another Victorian Rose Baby hat. This one is to make a smaller hat for the summer swap package on I sent a week or two ago… So another item off my list. I will post pictures later. I also made more nutella scones, but forgot to get a picture before they were consumed… Today my goal is another hat or to finish the Baby Dos Vest… Again, hopefully pictures to follow. Oh and I think I am actually going to go to knit night tonight! My life can be so exciting:)

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1 Response to Sleeping Woes

  1. Ethan started having problems sleeping when I was about 6 or 7 months pregnant. He seemed to understand things were going to change and it affected things like his sleeping habits. I'd like to say that things went back to normal, but so far, they haven't.

    Hopefully Babykins is just going through a phase and will start sleeping again.


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