WIP Disaster

Okay I have been way too undisciplined in my knitting lately. I was doing really well for a while there and only knitting about 3 projects at a time and not having a ton just hanging around. So now I am going to try to prioritize. Maybe if I put the information down in print then I will be held to it, not likely, but you never know…

So here is the plan of action. I need to finish the following between now and June and not cast on anymore projects…

Babykin’s Hoodie
Dos Vest
Apple Green Hat
Genderless Baby Hat
Hat for Devan
Random Baby Girl Hat
Victorian Rose Baby Hat II
and hopefully Snow White, hat for Mindy, and scarf for Mindy though these are not necessary

I have determined that I hate the pattern that I was using for Mindy’s scarf, so that one is going to get frogged and I am going to do another pattern. The pattern wasn’t hard, I just didn’t like it…

So in June my number one priority is a sock for Writingmom on Ravelry. I am test knitting and I must get it done… Then I am in two KALs so I will work on a Rusted Root Sweater and another Dream in Color Shrug. The shrug was super easy so hopefully it won’t be a problem. Then to finish my Mal socks. The blanket I am working on is a long term project, but I think I am going to institute a row a day rule on that one.

I am going to be on vacation in June so I should have plenty of time. Once these get done then it is time to knit a sweater for Ernesto. From there I will then put my hibernating projects back into rotation until I don’t have any more hibernating. My goal after that is to start using my older yarn that has been in the stash for a long time and have projects attached to them. Like my Irish Hiking Scarf out of Koigu…

So this is my plan. Let’s see if I can stick to it… I do have a three day weekend coming up. Maybe we can go on a car trip during it. That gets me a lot of knitting time:)

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