Action One-Skein Hat

On my trip to Fredericksburg a few weeks ago I picked up some yarn to make hats. In the store I saw some samples of hats made with one skein of sock yarn (enough for one sock). So even though sock yarn is taking over the house I still bought some more to make hats. It took me five days to knit it, not sure because I wasn’t knitting much or because it was sock yarn, but it is finally done…

Picture 553

So I am continuing to not get my WIPs done but I have been finishing the little projects that I start. I will probably start another hat of some sort tomorrow. I also am in 2 KALs in June. But I will be on leave for 2 weeks at that point so I hope to get a lot done. Maybe I will actually finish a KAL that I start…

Today I made a pillow for Babykin’s daycare. Well a pillow cover. I have been putting it off for weeks so though it looks bad it is nice to have it done. I can quilt, but for the life of me I cannot sew…

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