Barefoot, Pregnant, and in the Kitchen

Today I was in the kitchen a lot… I came home for lunch and quickly made some Taco Soup in the crock pot since I knew that we would be busy this afternoon. The house smelled very nice when I got home:)

Tomorrow is teacher appreciation day at the daycare so I made them a cake. A lady bug one. In fact I made them this cake:

Picture 532

Please ignore the Zantac in the side of the picture. I am pregnant so I have some wicked acid reflux and when I noticed it I just didn’t feel like pulling out the camera again… Anyway this is the cake for tomorrow.

Ernesto has a coworker whose birthday is this week. I suggested that I could make a cake. Since I haven’t made an Oreo Cheesecake since Alaska and I think that Ernesto was craving it, he decided that the cake would be an Oreo Cheesecake. Now I love this cake and it is easy to make. Let me also say that it always tastes great. But well this cake always looks awful when I make it and I have no idea why. I have given up trying to make it look nice. Tomorrow morning I am buying a tub of cool whip to hide all the cracks and Ernesto’s office is going to eat it. Did I mention that the guy whose birthday is it isn’t going to be in the office? Classic…

Picture 534

Then Ernesto and my mom wanted to eat cake tonight. So I let them eat cake and made a third cake, still barefoot and still six months preggers. This was a normal round cake and I just slapped some chocolate frosting on it… It tasted good and well I was too tired to make it look pretty. No picture of that cake.

Today I also managed to finish Eva’s capelet. I have to block it and weave in the ends so I will post pictures of it after I have done that. Ernesto drove to work today and I just finished it in the car. I was still pregnant, but not barefoot at this point, sorry to disappoint.

So overall a productive day! Now off to shower. It was 105 degrees today and between that and all the time slaving over a hot oven I need to get clean:)

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One Response to Barefoot, Pregnant, and in the Kitchen

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    Cute ladybug cake. I love it!
    Today is suppose to be just as hot!


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