Spinning Classes

This Saturday Ernesto took my mother, Babykins, and me to Fredericksburg. I love this little town between San Angelo and San Antonio/Austin. It was where Ernesto and I went on our first date almost 6 years ago (give it a few days and it will be exactly 6 years ago:)). Anyway this time we went to go visit Stonehill Spinning. The closest LYS to me that isn’t Wool n’ Cotton. Don’t get me wrong, I like Wool n’ Cotton, but that is a LYS/LQS/some other stuff. Stonehill is a LYS. It has nice yarns, some rug hooking stuff (I don’t think I am going to pick up that hobby while here though it does seem to be popular), lots of pretty yarns, and spinning/dyeing stuff.

I took a class there with a nice lady who showed me all the things I was doing wrong and there were a lot of them. So now I feel comfortable to spin! I am not going to say that I do a great job at it. I still need a lot of practice, but instead of going through roving in about 10 minutes it takes me that long to go through a strip now. I know you are thinking that I got slower, no I am just doing it correctly now:) Anyway I am very happy with the results. If I wasn’t so tired from writing a paper for my graduate class and chasing Babykins around then I would take pictures of the old stuff I made and now my post class stuff.

Maybe I will post it tomorrow. I have been quite slow with the posts lately, but I just seem to be making more and more WIPs and not finishing any. I need to work on that first and then start all the new projects that I want to do. Hopefully I will be making more entries. I was smoking for a while there blogging everyday… I have even made new scones and not posted them. They were peanut butter nutella scones and they go fast:) I think I might try to make some strawberry chocolate chip cookies tomorrow. I will probably be home from work most of the day since Babykins is getting some fillings:(

Anyway back to Saturday. I finished my lesson and gave Ernesto a call since he was out in the town with my mother and Babykins. Seems Babykins had a great time and my mother got some books so it worked out for all. Of course when I called they had to walk back to the car before picking me up which gave me a good 20 minutes to fill up a bag with yarn. Here is some of my haul, mostly Claudia Handpainted yarn and Rowan.

Some Rowan Calmer:
Picture 500

More Rowan for a shawl, I think this is Kidsilk something or another
Picture 498

The Claudia Yarns
Picture 503

Picture 502

Picture 504

Picture 505

Another Rowan
Picture 506

Some roving that I am hoping to dye someday after spinning, shhhh, Ernesto doesn’t know this:)
Picture 499

Then we went to Austin. Ernesto took me by surprise here, but it was really nice. We stopped at Steak n Shake:) Then we went to Hill Country Weavers (at least I think that is what it is called). Don’t get my not knowing the name into thinking that this store is nothing. This is the best yarn store I have EVER been too! I didn’t spend very long there since Ernesto wanted to get home before dark because of the deer. I can’t blame him… but I did get some books there that I have wanted for a while, the Knit.1 magazine, and this yarn which I can’t remember what it was, but it very soft and I love the color:

Picture 501

Overall a great Saturday. Hopefully I will have another post tomorrow with my handspun yarn and then a project that daycare wanted me to do for them…

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2 Responses to Spinning Classes

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    Nice addition to your yarn stash!
    Where did you get the recipes for the scones? I'd like to try them. (especially blueberry)


  2. HCW is a fantastic LYS! I love that store and wish I had gone there after I got serious about knitting and could appreciate it more.


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