Baby Dreams Sweater

I love my little Babykins. Because of this I am torn on whether I want a little boy or girl. This isn’t my last baby (barring huge problems of course) so I don’t have to have my little girl right away. I can have a little brother for Babykins and be fine and wait for a little girl maybe next time. A little brother would be good for my little Babykins. At the same time though Ernesto’s family seems to make boys. I am worried that I will keep trying for a girl and get more and more desperate with each try. It would be nice to get my little girl now and then not worry about it for the next kids… Either way I have decided to tempt fate and make a pink baby sweater. I have cast it on tonight and I should have it done by the end of the weekend. Oh and of course it is in Malabrigo. This will be my 700th of the same sweater, but this will be the first time that I am keeping it and not giving it away. Here is the sweater so far:

Picture 426

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1 Response to Baby Dreams Sweater

  1. Lovely color! And the stitch markers are adorable to boot. 🙂


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