Hurricane Hat & Breakfast Burritos

Ernesto’s birthday is tomorrow so I am trying to be nice to him. In honor of that I made him breakfast burritos this morning. I know that they aren’t hard or complicated or anything, but since I have never made them before I was proud of my results:



They had chorizo in them along with egg, cheese, and jalapenos..

And I have another finished project today. I finished the Hurricane hat I started yesterday for Mindy. It is supposed to go along with the scarf I have been knitting, but I really have no urge to keep knitting. I will finish it at some point though. I am now more interested in making a hat for Sara to go along with Mindy’s. It will be a different pattern, but same color so they can wear them together if they want. Here is the finished Hurricane hat:



I am very happy with the results. I will probably make this again, though with a more semisolid color next time.

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1 Response to Hurricane Hat & Breakfast Burritos

  1. mprsdrose says:

    Love the hat pattern Jen – is that velvet grapes ?
    Michelle (mprsdrose)


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