Time to Get Spinning

Like all of my hobbies I drove head first into spinning without knowing how to spin. I am still butchering roving left and right the few minutes here and there that I get to spin. Anyway, thinking that I am in the middle of nowhere and I want nice stuff to work with I joined two fiber clubs. If you are in Creatively Dyed or Zen Yarn Garden fiber clubs then there is a spoiler here and look no further, if not then here are some pictures…

Picture 420

Picture 419

Picture 391

Picture 311

Then there are some other ones that I got through Esty:

Picture 194

Picture 193

Picture 192

Then I have some roving from Audrey5432 from an awesome swap some months ago:

Picture 1840001

Now I have some pictures of what I do to roving…

Picture 236

Picture 2430001

Maybe you can see why I haven’t used all of that lovely roving… Well this Thursday is the art walk and I am hoping to get some learn on with my spinning wheel at Wool n’ Cotton. Who knows, maybe I will get to use some of that roving soon!

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1 Response to Time to Get Spinning

  1. bethanyg says:

    Ooh, eye candy! Beautiful fiber, and that skein you spun is really awesome! I know when you start spinning, you imagine this thin, even yarn, but it's the “handspun” look that I love. Awesome!


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