Amish White Bread & Plant Woes

In my mad day of baking, I finished the day with some Amish White Bread. I was really excited about this one. I had to go and get some pans since the ones I had were weird sizes. I should have made my icing for my cake decorating class, but I can do that in the morning and my Kitchen Aid bowl is in the dishwasher right now anyway…

Here are some pictures of the yummy bread. This bread is awesome. Next time I think I will roll it out and put in some cherries and white chocolate chips. I want to recreate the white chocolate cherry bread I used to get in Anchorage. We all loved that bread, especially Babykins…

Here is a bad picture of him eating the heel of the bread in Alaska. Please ignore the terrible eczema he has, it went away the day he left Alaska…

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And here are some pictures of the bread itself:

Picture 402

Picture 404

Now I have to tell you about my Matilda woes. Before anyone panics, Matilda is fine. I have kept it alive for a whole week. My problem is that there seem to be gnats or fruit flies in the house now. I have looked everywhere and I have no rotting fruit in sight. I keep fruit in the fridge anyway… Actually after spending time in Florida I keep everything in the fridge out of habit. It wasn’t a big deal in Alaska but I figured it was good to get back into the habit of it here in Texas. Now I have no idea how to get rid of these things. Not only does their being in my house annoy me, they also get in my way when I am trying to cook. They kept trying to get into the dough I was making and they kept eying the apples for the apple tart. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want to keep Matilda, but our relationship is going to get rocky if this continues…

Oh and since I couldn’t resist, we got Rock em Sock em Robots for Babykins today. He loved it!

Picture 006

Picture 003

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