Scones and More

Today I came home from work and felt like baking. I stopped by the commissary before picking up Babykins and got some extra supplies. I needed whipping cream. I then listened to Babykins tell me about the Mickey episode that he was watching on the way home. When I got home I preheat the oven and made this:

Picture 381

Picture 383

Picture 382

When Ernesto got home we had some grilled chicken with rice and salad. Then I made him some Earl Grey and showed him the scones. He loved them as did I. I can’t wait to try this recipe again or maybe different flavors. I hope my class likes them tomorrow because we won’t be able to eat them quickly enough.

And here is Matilda:

Picture 380

Picture 379

Let’s see how long it will survive.

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4 Responses to Scones and More

  1. Kevin Rose says:

    The scones look AMAZING! I am loving your plant too! I bet you'll do great with her. 🙂 I've never met a plant that was named that didn't survive. 😉


  2. Charlene T says:

    Those scones look beautiful! Care to share the recipe!?


  3. I think I'll make some scone, and I just happen to have some cranberries, yeah! And Matilda is going to be just fine. I've got a good feeling about her.


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