Black Thumb

It is an amazement to me that I have been able to keep my son alive for these 2.5 years. Not from anything nefarious or anything like that… It is just that I cannot keep a plant alive for the life of me. Or the life of the plant. I think I can kill weeds… I have had many unsuccessful stories. I did keep some alive in Alaska. They were the plants that you can have in an office with no real light. A sort of ivy I think. They were alive, but I doubt they were happy. I think they are much happier with my mother to take care of them.

I tried to keep a little basil plant alive here in Texas. I thought it would be nice to have some fresh herbs. It had a little spot next to the door so it could get some light. Well I forgot to water it and it suffered a painful death I am sure.

For my birthday my brother got me a little rose bush. It is cute and in a little pot. I have it next to the window. So far it is still alive though a bit wilted. I forgot to water it for a while. I think it might make it though and get revived. Who knows, maybe it is the calm before death and it will be wilted like all my other plant trials.

Yesterday Ernesto and I went to Sam’s. On the way to the check out I saw some beautiful plants. I have no idea what kind they are though I know it is written on the care tag. I will post pictures later… Anyway it was a beautiful plant and all I could think of was how plain our house is and how it would really bring life into the place.

You see Ernesto and I have lived in places but they are never homes. The house we owned in Alaska we never did anything to. This was in part because we were trying to not personalize it since we wanted to sell it quickly. Good on us it sold in a week. This time around we actually rent our house and we have been making it more personalized. We rent from someone who was desperate to get the mortgage off of his hands, so he let us paint the place. Carlos’s room has a nice little tree motif going and the study is painted red, dark red. It is going to be hard for our landlord to repaint that room, but I think it is payback for the RO system not working and us having to constantly buy water. But I digress… anyway we bought a bunch of paintings to hang up and I thought the plant would really add to the house. You know really tie the room together.

Well the plant is a $30 plant. I normally scoff at 10 bucks, but I really liked this plant. Ernesto let me get the plant. It is now in our kitchen over the sink. My goal is to keep it alive. I better succeed because $30 is a lot for a plant to just kill it a few weeks later. Maybe I can keep the the little rose plant alive too.

I have to watch out though. Babykins is quite interested in the new plant. He watched me water it yesterday. I am picturing him deciding that he needs to water the plant as well. I am picturing the plant knocked over and leaving a mess on the floor. Sigh, maybe I should have just gotten a dog…

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4 Responses to Black Thumb

  1. Haha, I too have a “brown thumb.” I can keep fish alive, small mammals alive, people alive. Give me a plant and it just dies. I want to learn how to take care of plants so badly because I'd like to garden someday.

    My husband has a grandmother who has that proverbial green thumb. She can take anything from the brink of death and have it not only healthy but ridiculously healthy in under two weeks. I keep joking I want to pull a Sylar on her and find the part of her brain that does that and eat it. I've been told there will be no eating of the Grandma's brains. πŸ™‚

    Oh well!


  2. Jayne says:

    I sure can relate to this! I really want to be able to grow things, so I just keep trying. I've killed nearly every gift plant my husband has given me. The florist told him that I couldn't kill a bromiliad; she was wrong, the love bromiliad only made it a few months. The peace lillies died but I refused to throw them out and they actually ressurected after being repeately soaked down (they're a water plant). Those beautiful little rose plants: I've killed 5 now, the last one was a mother's day gift…sigh. Even mint only seems to survive me; it never thrives. The only plant I have any luck with is the cactus that is from a cutting from my mom's that can be traced back through cuttings to my 2xgreat-grandmother's plant. I ignore it as much as I can; I'd hate to kill all that history.


  3. Jayne says:

    I sure can relate to this! I've killed the unkillable. Cactus's, bromiliads, african violets, etc…
    Every year I keep trying; every year I kill a rosemary plant. Those beautiful little rose plants: I've killed 5….the last one was a mother's day gift….sigh. Mint seems to only just survive me; it never thrives. The only thing that I'm having luck with is the christmas cactus that I got as a cutting from my Mom. It can be traced back through cuttings to my 2xgreat-grandma. I try to ignore it; I'd hate to kill all that history. I guess I'm stubborn 'cause I can't wait to plant this year's garden! Last year, we actually got to eat some tomatoes, maybe my (bad)luck's running out.


  4. Jayne says:

    Oops, I thought the internet ate my first comment, so I tried to remember what I said and wrote again, so you get a double dose today πŸ™‚


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