Since You Asked

Okay I got some people saying that they wanted to see the fantastic package from Wool Girl sock club. Allow me to warn anyone that this has spoilers in it…

Okay so first the entire package. I am sorry that I didn’t get pictures of it when it was packed up. It looked so nice in the bag and with the tissue paper. Just know that it was a great presentation. The package theme was Cleopatra

Picture 375

There are so many treats in there. Let me list them off:

1) One skein of Serenity merino/cashmere sock yarn from Zen Yarn Garden in the color Gold Dynasty
2) Majestic sock pattern
3) Alexandria scarf pattern in case you don’t want to make socks
4) Cleopatra themed stitch marker from Mama Llama
5) A silk sock sack from Lantern Moon
6) Queen of Knitting sock club pen
7) Lilacs in Bloom hand lotion
8) A pyramid gift box with two chocolates in them (already eaten) which were gold and silver dusted from Gayle’s Chocolates
9) A calendar with the Woolgirl Sock Club shipment dates listed on it
10) A hand-made Cleopatra sheep card from Willa Landino
11) Sample size of Soak in limited edition “A Scent for Celebration”
12) Information about the Woolgirl Sock Club contest
13) Info about the Oz sock club (I had already joined, so glad I did)

Here are some close ups of the goodies:

Picture 376

Picture 371

Picture 377

Picture 378

Overall a grand package full of goodies. Now I can’t wait for my next shipment!!! I think I get my Lace club shipment from her next and then there is the Oz sock club to look forward to and of course more of the Woolgirl sock club. I wish I could only knit faster:)

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One Response to Since You Asked

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    Very nice package! Lots of goodies. I have been thinking about the OZ sock club.


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