Wool Girl Sock Club

Since I don’t have enough yarn (said in a sarcastic voice), I have signed up for some yarn clubs. One of them was the Wool Girl Sock Club. Everyone on Raverly talked it up. I was thinking to myself that it couldn’t be as good as people made it out to seem. Well I was happily wrong.

I probably got mine yesterday, but in my mission to make all the mail carriers hate me I occasionally leave mail in the mail box for a day or two. You know just to show them who is boss. This means that they have to try to cram more mail into the mailbox the next day and since I am always getting packages, magazines, and mail, this can get kind of tricky.

Ask the mailman in Alaska. We had a feud going on. Towards the end of my tenure there I swear that he was hording all my packages for once a week so I would have to try to unwedge them from the box. In Alaska it is cold so my hands would get easily scraped and that mailbox took a lot of my skin. I think he also kept my magazines until they were a month old. Oh and he was sly, he never came at the same time. I could never predict when he would show up. But I digress, a lot. Sorry.

So today I got the mail and there was my lovely package. Ernesto of course said, “more yarn?” Silly husband, can you ever have too much yarn? But yes, he was right. It was more yarn. I hope to post some pictures in a few days, but I am afraid of people lynching me if I post a spoiler pic… I doubt anyone reads my blog besides my RTH ladies, but one of them may be a Woolgirl… Anyway it was a fabulous package and I think that this is one sock club that I am going to have to keep forever. The extras were great and the packaging was awesome! I am now ashamed that I didn’t take pictures of it when I took it out of the box. Oh well, there will be more and I did join her Wizard of Oz sock club. I just can’t help myself…

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3 Responses to Wool Girl Sock Club

  1. KR says:

    The yarn sounds amazing!! 🙂 You never can have too much yarn. 😉




  2. I want to see! 🙂


  3. SusanB-knits says:

    You're right! you can never have too much yarn!

    I'm with Ms. Knitpicky, I'd like to see it too!


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