Last Cake Decorating I Class

Today my little Babykins is sick. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell but Ernesto and I can tell. He normally runs around the house and is very loud. Today the house has been very quick (comparatively speaking) and my little Madman (as my brother dubbed him a while ago) was barely moving. Hours later, he now has a fever and some nice snot coming out of his nose. See I know my little boy. Anyway because of this I decided not to go to Cake Decorating. I went to let everyone know and then stayed with my little Babykins. I am starting Cake Decorating II next week, but we don’t have to bake as many cakes in that one.

Last night I baked the cake for the class. So today I of course had to decorate it. Only problem is that I have a sick little boy trying his hardest to keep me from doing anything but sitting on the couch with him. Oh and making him chicken nuggets… So here is my poorly decorated cake. It was my first time making the Wilton Rose. I think they turned out well. Transferring them to the cake didn’t work out too well because I think I needed to stick them in the freezer to harden them, but Babykins wanted cake right away so here are some picks. Please excuse the little effort put into it. Sigh, maybe I am just not cut out to make anything that isn’t a character cake…

Picture 334

Picture 338

Picture 340

Picture 341

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2 Responses to Last Cake Decorating I Class

  1. KR says:

    The cake is gorgeous! I love it 🙂 The roses are especially beautiful!

    I really hope your little one gets to feeling better soon! A mother always knows. HUGS!


  2. I think your roses are lovely.


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