Friday At Last

Ernesto and I have been working a terrible schedule since January. I think it is slowly killing us. Today I feel like I have been working this schedule forever. It is funny, but Alaska conditioned us to this a bit. For instance, when I drive in to work every morning it is dark. I am used to it ALWAYS being dark in the winter so I think nothing of it being dark when I drop off Babykins at daycare. I do notice however, that is it 65 degree out… I am hoping for an end to this schedule because I currently do not enjoy the things I used to. I have a cake decorating class tomorrow and it was something that I was looking forward to for months, now it is a chore. I don’t want to bake the cake for it tonight. And I know it is because I am tired. I hope that with April this schedule changes because honestly I don’t know how much more I can take… Sorry for the whining, just tired of being tired…

At least it is Friday and we can rest for two days…

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2 Responses to Friday At Last

  1. DH has been on that schedule–and is now on a longer one–since he got here May before last. Instructors pull long days: as far as I know, everyone on this post pulls long days. 😦

    My husband leaves around 4am and doesn't get home until after 6pm most days, it was 7pm last night.


  2. bethanyg says:

    ugh, hate when things you love become a chore. Hope it gets better soon!


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