Bread Verdict

Okay so here is the bread:

Picture 332

It turned out okay for a first try. (I made breadsticks and some banana bread and stuff but never actual bread) Anyway I don’t think we will be finishing it. Maybe the beer I used wasn’t the right type of beer. The bread tastes good at first, but then after a bit you get a weird after taste. It is also really thick. I feel like I need to dip it in something. Not sure what my next bread will be, but I don’t think I will be making this one again. Not a terrible bread, but I want something a bit less heavy… Oh well, it was my first try:)

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1 Response to Bread Verdict

  1. Anytime I've made beer bread, it's really dense and moist. I love it that way, though.

    I've always used light beer in mine, never tried anything dark or with a lot of flavor.


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