A New Knitting Plan

Sigh, I am still not knitting. Read the entry before this on why I think I am not kitting or really doing anything anymore. Anyway, I want to participate in Malabrigo March. I have a ton of projects that I want to get started on, however, I need to get some WIPs out of the way. This weekend I must finish my sweater for Babykins so then I can start on a malabrigo sweater for a co-worker, well the baby he is expecting, not him… Then when I get that done I am hoping to cast on a bunch! The best part of Mal March is that you want to cast on, but you don’t have to finish it in March. I guess time will tell how much I actually get done since I do get guilty when I have too many WIPs… Luckily I have some WIPs that I haven’t even started yet so I can count them in as well in March! Hopefully, I get into knitting this time. I miss having FOs…

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1 Response to A New Knitting Plan

  1. KR says:

    *HUGS* – I hope that things settle down soon for you. I find that life comes in phases and it seems like the hard ones last forever (it feels like it anyway!). Can you take a break from knitting for a little bit and do something different? Sometimes that makes me feel less pressure so when I come back to it, its because I *want* to.




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