Cake Decorating Tomorrow

I have another cake decorating class tomorrow. I think we are making a clown cake. I believe I already said that I hate clowns. I will enjoy eating this cake if nothing more than to get rid of the clowns. I baked the cake and now I have to make the frosting and frost the thing. I will admit that last week I did a terrible job. The reason? I didn’t care and was too tired and let crumbs get all over the place. The frosting was also on in a very think layer and I didn’t know it. I never thought a cake could have too much frosting…

Besides that I am looking to see if there is any interest in a Saturday afternoon knitting get together. It would be nice to have it in a coffee shop or something like that. We will see if there is any interest. Besides that I also make some homemade banana bread today. It is currently cooling with my cake. Need to make the butter cream frosting and frost so I can be ready for tomorrow. I can’t wait until class 2 where we don’t have to bake a cake every week. Not that we mind eating them, but it is more of a chore now than a fun thing to do like when I make them for special occasions.

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