Dinner Updated

Okay the salad was great, the soup not so much. But the beef wellington was wonderful and I must say that what I lack in cooking I make up for in baking!!! My chocolate souffles turned out so tasty!!! I didn’t get good pictures because 1. I didn’t feel like changing my lens and 2. we were hungry and the food didn’t get to pose for too long. So here are some pictures of dinner and of my ugly cake from cake decorating. I didn’t choose the pattern by the way. Next week a clown cake, I hate clowns…

Picture 003
My cake, ugly. Again, I didn’t pick the pattern.

Picture 004

Picture 008
My tomato garlic soup. It smelled so good to start with. I think I added too many spices…

Picture 009
The beef wellington. Ernesto enjoyed it. I was really full so it didn’t do much for me.

Picture 014
Dessert is always the best part of the meal:)

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1 Response to Dinner Updated

  1. Dove Knits says:

    I like the cake. Not my type of design, either, but you did a nice job 🙂


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