Valentine’s Dinner – A Little Late

I think I was really tired on Valentine’s day so we didn’t eat my dinner that night and had some romantic McDonald’s instead. My cake decorating class and cooking a huge dinner was just too much… Then we decided to go and get breakfast burritos at Franco’s Sunday morning. But we ended up ordering breakfast and Franco’s gave us dinner size portions. We didn’t eat for the rest of the day except for some taco soup and very little of it at that.

Well today is the last day of our three day weekend and I felt pretty good. We had left over cake from my cake decorating class for breakfast and then I started getting stuff ready here and there. I seared the steaks first and then made the pate filling and wrapped everything in puff pastry. After nap time I started on everything else. I made the tomato-garlic soup and then did the rest of the work on the beef wellington. Right now everything is done or cooking in the oven. I am still hoping to have chocolate souffle for dessert, but we will see how full we are after all this food! Pictures to come later.

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