Cake Decorating and Randomness

Today I had my first cake decorating class. It was awesome and a lot of fun. I am really looking forward to next week where we actually decorate cakes. Now I have been decorating cakes for a bit now, but I wanted to learn how to do them correctly. This class is definitely teaching me the right way to do it and not the “Across the Tracks” way.

You may be asking what the “Across the Tracks” way might be. Well in high school I was thinking that if I had my own TV channel, what would I show. I think that UPN and WB had recently been started up, or maybe just the WB (random thought since I don’t watch TV, but does WB even exist anymore?). Anyway I had a whole line up. I was going to have a clay-mation show for the kids. Then my prime-time show was going to be called “Moonshining”, think Moonlighting, but with a country, backwoods spin. Then I was also going to have a soap opera called “Days of Our Past Lives.” It was going to be like Days of Our Lives, but set in a historical time. When I worked in Borders I realized that the most popular type of romance book must be the historical romances so I ran with it. So that now brings us to my craft show. My brother and I used to watch Next Door with Katie Brown. She was pretty out there and came up with some weird things. Well my show was going to be “Across the Tracks with Jennifer.” I was going to teach how to do crafts the wrong and cheap way. Alas, I am not Spike Lee so all this was a high school dream, but now at least you know where the above came from. Sorry for the randomness…

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2 Responses to Cake Decorating and Randomness

  1. Isn't the WB the CW now or some such nonsense? I really don't know as it's never appealed to me. 🙂 I'm the wrong demographic, I guess. Was never into the teen dramas.

    I think as long as you get the same result, there isn't a 'wrong' way to do anything. 😉


  2. SusanB-knits says:

    I never did get to take a cake decorating class. I guess I just did it the “Across the Tracks” way. But it's fun!
    I don't think I ever saw the WB channel.


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