Malabrigo Swap Package

Today I got my swap package from Baseballknitter on Ravelry. It was such a nice and well thought out package. There was some Malabrigo Dos in there which I cannot wait to knit and some really nice Malabrigo worsted in the perfect pink for baby stuff (hopefully this baby I am brewing is a little girl so I can make her some cute stuff). But the yarn didn’t make the package, what made the package were the extras. She was so thoughtful. She made the baby a little knitted hat in green yarn and it is so soft!!! She also sent a CD with bedtime stories for Babykins! Then there were candies, some Hello Kitty things, DPN tubes, a notepad, tea, chocolates, and another knitting counter (Babykins is ALWAYS taking mine and losing them). It was such a nice, well thought package. Here are some pictures!

Picture 292

Picture 295

Picture 301

Picture 298

Picture 300

Picture 299

Picture 297

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1 Response to Malabrigo Swap Package

  1. Wow! Nice package to have gotten in the mail. 🙂

    My son always steals my darning needles and loses them. If I ever found them all, I don't know what I'd do with them.


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