Another Traveling Scarf Group

I was very leery of joining another traveling scarf group. I have been so unhappy with the other two I joined. But you know I love my Malabrigo girls from Ravelry. They are the nicest forum out there and they are dependable. I mean look at the swap packages I have gotten from them. They are not flakers. So when the Maltravelers group started, or the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf I was very on the fence. But I trust these ladies so I joined up. Everything is moving so quickly and everyone is so polite!!! I am so happy I decided to do these. I did have a meltdown with my latest scarf… I couldn’t tell what side was the right side, I knit the wrong pattern, I frogged a few times, and for some reason Malabrigo failed me. Yes you heard me correctly. The skein of yarn kept getting knotted and I just couldn’t knit anymore so I had to cut the project a bit short. Anyway here are the scarves I have worked on thus far:

My own:
Picture 282

Picture 281

And the one that gave me problems, Dyno-knit’s:
Picture 290

I can’t wait to get more of them and see mine in the end!!!

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