Been a Long Time

I haven’t written in a while, but really nothing has been going on, in life or craft world. I have been tired and not wanting to do anything. I get up early, go to work, go home, make dinner, and then go to sleep. Life has been boring. I hope things get better after the big inspection at work finishes in April and we go back to a normal schedule, but by then it is going to be getting hot here and I will have to wake up early for morning PT. I should be huge by then though so any PT won’t be much.

Next week I am going back for another course in teaching. So I will have half days and I will enjoy them. Who knows, maybe some crafts will get done. All I know is that the best present today was Ernesto cleaning the house. Probably made my year! Anyway I just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive, barely:) Hopefully next week I will have some better stuff.

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