Merry Christmas

Santa was pretty good to me this year. I got a Nikon D90, a set of knitting needles, a knitting book, a sheepie measuring tape, and a knit penguin kit. Babykins was super happy with his train table, dinosaur, and various Thomas the Tank Engine stuff. He has been playing with the table all day!!!!

Today I made some steaks. They tasted so good. I think I finally found a good marinade. There were also some caramelized onions, some shallots (I used a recipe I stole from a friend), red beans and rice, and port for Ernesto. No booze for me for quite a while. No soft cheeses either. It is going to be a very long time… So dinner was good and it has been a wonderful day. I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. Now I need to focus on knitting so I can try for my 52 projects in 2009 and use 100+ balls of yarn.

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