Knit Night!

I finally made it to Knit Night at Wool n Cotton! Of course only one other person showed up, but it was a fun time. I forgot my notions bag so I didn’t get to work on my Snow White redux (someone got a little frog happy when they couldn’t figure out where the extra stitches came from…) so I worked on another Monkey sock. Ernesto always says that you can’t see the pattern because the yarn is so loud so today I am making solid colored Monkeys… Yay for Monkey socks! Oh and I am finally using some of my Malabrigo sock yarn. It feels so nice:)

The other person at Knit Night was making some lovely berets. I think some of those may be next on the queue. I have some of the patterns already, after all I am always ready but I never have the time to knit all that I want to knit:(

Today I made some Bulgogi. Babykins is really starting to like my cooking. He pretty much ate about half of it. It was a new recipe and it turned out very yummy. I think this one is going to get rotated pretty often in our household. And the Guinness cake still lives. It is hard to eat that cake with it being so thick and rich.

Besides that I am enjoying my time off. Spinning, knitting, cooking, spending time with family are all very nice ways to “waste” your life:)

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