BSA Swap Package 2

Today I got a wonderful swap package from Hook1 (Sara). It was totally full of goodies!!!! I got:

– Hand cream
– 3 Blueberry scone scented candles
– Candy cane shaped pumice stone
– Apple lip balm
– Gummie LifeSavers
– A fighting snowman pen
– Bath beads in cute shapes
– A beautiful book mark
– A Ferrero candy tree
– A magnet for the Reds
– A mini notebook
– Little scissors
– A nice bag to carry my projects in
– A “kacha-kacha” counter, just in time too, my son is always stealing them and I have yet to find where he hides them all
– A sheepie yarn cutter pin
– Coil knitting needleholders
– A copy of Holiday Vogue knitting
– Never Not Knitting desk calendar
– A copy of Central Park Hoodie (very high on my list!!!)
– Some Opal Harry Potter yarn (love it!)
– 2 skeins of BSA cotton!!!!
– And a HOMEMADE bowl!!!!

I hope I didn’t forget anything. Oh and the card she sent was super cute!!!

Picture 2550001

Picture 2540001

Picture 2580006

Picture 2570005

Picture 2560004

Picture 2530003

It was a good way to end my swapping. I won’t be swapping for a while. I just have too much stuff and swapping only leads to more yarn. I love the idea, but this year I need to destash.

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