Really Ugly Yarn, but Mine

Today I think I finally got the hang of spinning!!!! I made the ugliest yarn known to man, but I made it… I used some stuff that I bought at my LYS. It was Clover brand and pretty generic. If you can see the white and red yarn in the picture that is the Clover. Then I tried using this green yarn, it is local. I won’t be using it again… It kept breaking and felt rough on my hands. Lastly, I used some stuff that I bought at Stonehill Spinning in Fredericksburg a few weeks back. I still have a ton of it left to practice on before I get to my nice stuff that I have been buying online. I know that this yarn isn’t destined for a project. I feel bad that there is a naked sheepie out there and I am killing his wool and not even using it, but you have to start somewhere. I am so proud that my spinning wheel and I are getting along. She spins so easily as far as I can tell. I love her:) I am still thinking about naming her Nona. Actually I am pretty sure that will be her name after the Greek goddess who spun your life. There were two others, one who decided how long the thread would be and the last who cut the thread… But enough of that, here is my ugly yarn!!!!

Picture 235

Picture 234

Picture 236

Picture 238

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