Guinness Chocolate Cake & Christmas Cards

Today I made a Guinness Chocolate cake. It was mostly because I was very curious on what it would taste like, but should you wonder let me tell you, it tastes WONDERFUL. It is a very rich cake so don’t make the mistake I did of grabbing a huge piece. Ernesto liked it too. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes cake:) I am again too lazy to get pictures, but maybe I will get pictures of tomorrow’s Bulgogi which is marinating right now in the fridge.

Today I wrote out my Christmas cards. I doubt any of them will get there before Christmas, but hey I tried…

There has been no knitting today… I am saddened by this, but I am hoping to spin some wool once Babykins retires for the night. I didn’t really knit yesterday either since Ernesto woke up feeling great and asked me, “Do you want to go to San Antonio or Austin?” We went to San Antonio where I got to go to the Yarn Barn and Yarnivore. Both are great stores and I will look forward to visiting them again. We then decided to go to Austin to eat Steak n Shake, no other reason… We got home at 11 pm and Babykins was not pleased, but that shake was so worth it. We are planning on going to Austin on Tuesday. I am hoping to get some spinning classes in Fredericksburg which is on the way… And there was a knitting store called the Knitting Nest right by the Steak n Shake. Life can be really good sometimes.

I wasn’t completely unproductive today… I did get my crafting room clean and organized. It looks so good… I don’t want it to be the guest room anymore!!!! Just kidding, having my parents over is something I can never tire of, even if they keep me from my yarn:)

Want to know what the best thing is? I don’t have to go to work this whole week!!!!

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