Working on Working Out

Yay!!!! I have worked out 3 times so far this week. I am planning on working out tomorrow too. I have only been running 1.5 miles and I have been very slow, but you know you have to start somewhere. I have also been walking half a mile to get an even 2 miles. I also started tracking what I eat at So far I have been meeting my goals very well. The pants aren’t fitting any looser, but I just started.

I have been quite ashamed at my lack of working out lately. I am given time every day to go. I also have free facilities to use and I will have them my whole life. Working out needs to become a habit in my life and not something that I do for a little while and then forget about. Having been a track star for a long period of my life I look back and wonder when I lost my love for running. Also a question I ask myself is if I can get it back. Believe me I am working on it.

Have you ever heard people say that if you do something for a certain amount of time it becomes a habit? I didn’t really believe it until I tried to update my blog everyday in November. By the time December came I had to fight myself to not blog. I didn’t really have anything to write or show, but I had this feeling that I had to do it. I am hoping to get back to that way with running. There was a time in my life when running was EVERYTHING!!!!! I doubt it will ever get back to that point, but it would be nice to want to run everyday and not to come up with excuses on why to stay at home.

Anyway I am working on working out. Who knows, maybe I will start weight lifting again. My arms could use it:)

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