Hat for Trish

Today I finished an Odessa hat for the girlfriend of Ernesto’s brother. It turned out well. Am I very tired of this pattern? Yes, but it is a really quick knit when I actually sit down and knit it. I hope to pop it into the mail tomorrow. It wasn’t supposed to be from Christmas, but what the hell. I think I will add some more money into the yarn bank now… The yarn was about 10 bucks and I think I will add 15 more for the labor.

This leaves me with a sweater for Mindy’s son and that is it! Now I can move onto selfish knitting and not feel guilty. The KAL was extended for the Snow White pattern so I am going to work on that next week when I am on holiday all week!!!! I am still trying to decide if I will go to a class tonight. It would be nice to find a project for some yarn and get some knitting done with some other ladies, but it is cold outside… How weak I have grown from my Alaska days when I didn’t wear a coat.

Also in the works is the replacement sweater for Babykins. I need to get that done while I can. He keeps growing and I have enough yarn for about 1 year more than he has right now. Sigh, and I still want to squeeze in some quilting somewhere…

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One Response to Hat for Trish

  1. It's hard not to feel cold when 2 days ago it was 80 and then barely 35 the day after!


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