Yarn Bank Revisited

I have been thinking more and more about my Yarn Bank. I didn’t think about punishments for buying more yarn. I think I will subtract $100. I know that sounds steep, but perhaps that will keep me from buying more yarn. I also put in $500 from this paycheck to start it out. Afterall, I think it is going to be a vacation fund and we have to have enough money for some drinks:) This penalty gives me the opportunity to buy some more yarn, but I better well want it. Oh and and an exception is if we are on a trip, you can always buy a ball of yarn at a new store. You want to keep them in business after all.

I think I will also add some bucks to the bank when I finish a project. This should hopefully help us have a nice vacation:) I really want to knit a lot this year.

I have added some new things to the blog. Mostly just a count down and a yarn bank balance. I also added a projects in 2009 but I guess it won’t actually show up on the page until I knit something. I am still trying to figure out if I am going to start the yarn bank now or wait until 2009… I did finish a sweater last night…

I am taking a class at Wool n’ Cotton. I probably don’t need to take one, but they are always fun. It is called “Peggy’s Knitters.” I think we are making a scarf or shawl or something. All I know is to bring my needles and about 600 yards of worsted weight yarn. I have plenty of that:)

So hopefully I will finish the baby sweater for Mindy’s baby, the hat for Trish, Snow white, and this “lace” project by the end of the year. In the New Year? Who knows? But I know I need to do something about all this sock yarn I seem to have multiplying in my yarn bins…

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