Quilting Goals

I feel that my quilts have been very neglected this year. I like to blame this on Babykins. I am scared that he is going to stick his little hand where it shouldn’t go. You know, in front of the rotary cutter, in the way of the needle in the sewing machine, and other good ways to lose a little finger. But there are other things that have kept me from this. I have just really been into knitting lately. I know, I know, I am still in my twenties, but I act like I am 80.

Well in 2009 I am going to try to jump start my quilting again. I have tons of quilts to get done. First I am going to try to finish the really easy ones. You know, the ones that just need borders to be finished. Then I will try to get the WIPs done, though the applique is what kills me. Then I will try to start on some new ones since I have so many kits… So some goals:

~ Finish all quilts that only need borders (and by finish I mean make tops not completely finished quilts)
~ Finish at least 2 applique WIPs that are just sitting around
~ If time permits, quilt some of the kits I have gathered

With quilts I will put money into the Yarn Bank as well. Maybe $50-100 per finished top?

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