2009 – Year of the Destash

I have a friend (amazing I know) she calls her stash the Stash of Shame. Her husband says she needs to get it down to where it is just the Stash of Minor Embarrassment. Pretty funny stuff, but you could say that we have a yarn problem. I think I may have written before that Ernesto bought me these nice boxes to keep my yarn in for my craft room. I love him for it, but I don’t think he realizes just how much of a stash I have in that room. I wouldn’t say I hide it from him, he just isn’t that observant:) He also humors me in my multiple crafts and even encourages me to a point. Well he encourages me completely. Anyway back to the point. I have the boxes filled with my favorite yarns. All my Malabrigo and Yarn Love and various others go in these boxes. I would like to give all of my yarn the distinction of being able to reside in the boxes.

So I propose the following: a large scale destash in 2009. Now I love my yarn. I love it all. I do not want to sell it. This leaves me with no choice but to knit with it and knit a lot. I must also not forget all the yarn clubs that I am in. They will try to replenish my yarn stocks and leave them at their present levels.

The goals:
~ Knit 100 balls of yarn
~ Make at least 12 pairs of socks
~ Make at least 4 sweater, I would love to make 12 but that is going to have a lot of baby sweaters
~ Make 52 projects, these can be big and small
~ Lessen the knitting gifts, I want to make more for family and close friends and less for the random people having babies

The rewards:
I am starting a Yarn Bank. I wish I could take credit for the idea but I will steal it and use it since it is a brillant idea. For every ball of yarn that I use up I get to put it in a yarn bank. For most people that are doing this it is for yarn. I am not quite sure if mine will be for yarn or not. I still have those clubs, so yarn will be coming in. I also have a $50 credit at Eat.Sleep.Knit so that might help if I need some yarn for an unexpected project. I should have enough yarn for anything that is thrown my way. Back to the Yarn Bank. I might do a dollar per ball, but I was thinking about doing market value and saving it for a trip to Cabo, Mexico or somewhere kind of close to Texas. Any month that I don’t spend money on yarn I could put even more into the yarn bank. I am still throwing ideas out for this, but I think it will work well.

Someday I would like to get to the point where I go out and buy yarn for every project when I am knitting it. I would like to do that with quilts too. Speaking of quilts, I would like to do 5-6 next year, but I am mostly focusing on the yarn for now…

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1 Response to 2009 – Year of the Destash

  1. The yarn bank is a good idea, I'd like to hear more about that. 🙂 I can a “Can of Paint” from Jimmy Beans coming and that would be perfect for it.

    I started off 2008 with a destash resolution, but failed about 1/3 of the way into the year. It's hard to keep when things come up and you can't use some of what you have. I was pregnant and couldn't work on the pullovers I had all the yarn for and am just working on them. I don't have as large of a stash as you do though. Mine all fits in one of those normal size totes you think of for Rubbermaid. 13 gallon, maybe?

    I have a $50 credit from Eat.Sleep.Knit too. I love the scratch offs they have. I'm thinking of saving mine until I have more room in my tote and then using the credit to go towards a new CPH in DIC or else getting some Shibui for my Tangled Yoke Cardi. I have a lot of knitting to do before then though. Haha.

    Best of luck on the destash! Maybe we can motivate each other.


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