Reality Closing In

Tomorrow and Tuesday are the last days of BIC. With this summer school will come to an end and work will begin once more. It has been a great summer. Today even felt like a late summer day with fall just around the corner instead of Christmas. This weekend was not as productive as I wanted but that is the way summer is supposed to be… Most knitting stopped with my family in town, my spinning wheel arriving, and Babykins being hungry ALL of the time. I swear I sit down and the kid wants to eat again. He better grow a foot with this growth spurt because I have no idea where else he will put it. I wish I could eat like him…

No pictures today, mostly because I am too lazy to get out the camera. But I am about 50% or more finished on the baby sweater I am making for Kreuzer’s daughter. Then I have a baby blanket for Mindy’s baby and Robin’s baby. Then no more baby knitting!!!! I really have to stop offering. I most of the time can’t help myself though. I hear that someone is preggers and I offer to make something. I need to make socks, lots of socks. My sock yarn is taking over!!!! After this baby stuff is done I am going to try to always have a sock WIP. I am going to try my hand at a bunch of CookieA socks.

Sigh, the weekend is over and the real world is coming. Reality is closing in quickly. Two more days and I will be fully employed again. I shouldn’t complain though, there are a lot of people out there losing jobs. So I will enjoy my last two days of summer school and eagerly await Christmas vacation which is just around the corner:)

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