Greatest Mail Day Ever!

Today was the greatest day ever for the mail. I got two packages from Sundara yarn, I am still hoping to get my last one tomorrow. These are so gorgeous!!!

Picture 169

I also got an order from Twist with my Sapphire Green Malabrigo for a Wicked sweater. Oh and I got the Wollmeise that I got from someone in Austria!

Picture 154

Picture 153

Picture 152

Not only that, but UPS finally came through and I got my spinning wheel today. Ernesto put it together for me and it is so beautiful. Of course I haven’t spin on it yet. Babykins is way too interested in it. But just look at it!!!

Picture 164

Yes today was a good day:)

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1 Response to Greatest Mail Day Ever!

  1. Sarah says:

    you have a spinning wheel?!?!? what the heck!!! I had no idea things were progressing in this manner. speechless….


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