Lots of Packages

Today I went to the post office. It was quite a productive adventure. I sent two traveling scarves. These never seem to come one at a time… I also sent out a holiday stocking swap package. And as if one swap project wasn’t enough, I sent out another one for my Blue Sky Alpaca group. I hope the people I sent them to enjoy them as much as I liked putting them together. It was a little harder this time around. San Angelo isn’t as full of yarn stores as Anchorage was… Considering it was 60 today and it is December first it is easy to see why. Regardless, I still managed to put out some nice packages, at least in my mind.

I was supposed to have a cake decorating class today. All the cakes I have made have been by my making it up. I haven’t taken a class. Well I always seem to sign up for the classes that get canceled because no one signed up. Today I moved my class to January. Hopefully two other people sign up since there was already one before me. I guess it was stupid to pick December. People are probably pretty busy with holiday stuff and not thinking about decorating cakes, no matter how cute they may be.

I am still super excited about my spinning wheel. It comes in on Wednesday. I have some roving already in stock and I have more on its way. I hope I don’t butcher too much of this nice roving. I will post pictures of it soon.

Besides sending out a ton of packages today was a great mail day. I received some Etsy packages with really cute stitch markers. I also got a package where you get a project bag, some yarn, and a little project. You also get some nice little thing like lip balm or today bath salts. They are called sweetcases from Annie Amelia. I love getting mail as much as I love sending it! Anyway it was a good day. Tomorrow I have to do my 50 minute presentation. Hopefully there will be something in the mail to cheer me up tomorrow after it:)

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