Italian Sodas & Cuteness

I know I started this blog in pursuit to try to get my stash down and projects completed in both knitting and quilting with a little cooking thrown in. It wasn’t meant to have Babykins in it, but he is just so cute and I can’t help it. The other day he started putting the groceries away. It was so cute, he wants to help. Now he put everything in the fridge including the soap:) He also walked into the bedroom the other day and said “hey how are you doing?” It was so cute. Then today I dropped a huge tub of blueberries from Sam’s. He insisted on helping me clean up. Such a good little boy.

In craft news: I have been looking at roving all day and wondering when my wheel will come in. I want it NOW! Sigh, maybe before Christmas…

Have you ever had Italian sodas? Ernesto loves them. The Starbucks here won’t make them strangely enough. I disclosed that I knew how to make them from when I worked at Borders. Guess who is making them all the time now:)

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