Today was a good day. I haven’t done any chores, including working on my 30 minute presentation, but hey briefing is what I do for a living so it shouldn’t be too hard. We woke up at 9 am which was lovely. Thank you Babykins!!!! Then I started a hat. If you make one and send it to Eat.Sleep.Knit so they can give it to the Merchant Marines then you get a credit for $10. I made one, but failed to realize that it had to be a mannish or gender neutral color. I figured if you have chicks in the services then a girl colored hat for the Merchant Marines should be okay… Well it isn’t a big deal. It was a really fast knit. I will just make another one out of some off-white yarn I found. Here is a picture of my girlie colored one:

Picture 122

Also here is a cute picture of Babykins:
Picture 005

My stomach isn’t that big in real life, I swear. It was the angle:)

Speaking of stomachs a guy came around this week selling meat. We bought some steaks and today I grilled some of them. Carlos loved his hamburger and Ernesto and I enjoyed a nice NY strip. I didn’t overcook them for once as well thanks to my new meat thermometer. Later we have some flan to eat as well. Overall it has been a nice weekend even through my blah-ness. I wish it wasn’t Monday tomorrow, but it is a three day week and my parents get here on Wednesday!

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