Further Thoughts on Spinning

I went to spin night last night at Wool n Cotton. I am a terrible spinner. But it was still fun and something I would like to pursue. I was supposed to go to San Antonio this weekend and on the way we were going to look at wheels. One for the ladies at Spin night was even nice enough to find a lady who was selling her wheel. But nothing will come of this since Ernesto and I are too worn out to go anywhere this weekend. And when we started thinking about a 3.5 hour car trip each way with Carlos, that helped make up our mind. Plus the garage is still full of boxes and there is a cat that likes to sleep on our cars. So we aren’t going anymore and I am still wheel-less. But I think it is for the best. First things first and we don’t even have room for the wheel with all the boxes still hanging around.

On another note, I am 20% done with my Snow White. I am pretty happy about that. I also received two scarves from my traveling scarf group 6. Hopefully I will get them out on Monday and that will be that for this group. I am not too happy with the groups since people tend to keep the scarves for more than their two week period and then some flake and anyway I will stop boring you.

Knitting night is on Monday and Wool n Cotton and I hope to go. Hopefully I will have all my chores done this weekend so I don’t have to worry about getting the house ready for my parents on Monday night…

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