A New Dinner

Tonight I started my vow and made a new dish. It looked terrible so no pictures, but it actually tasted very good. It was baked pork chops in an apple currant sauce. We had it with salad with homemade dressing and rice, well I just made rice, it wasn’t home grown or anything:). Nothing too complicated, but it was nice cooking a new dish in my new kitchen. I am planning on taco soup later in the week and then who knows. My new plan is to only go to the commissary with a meal in mind. And I am only buying enough stuff for about 2-3 meals. I am tired of wasting food that never gets done because we take too long in eating the leftovers. I have been cooking so much here that I have to do dishes almost everyday. Very different from Alaska where it was once maybe twice a week…

I finished another Starry Noggin hat today. I didn’t get to knit too much though because of dinner and decorating Little Bear cakes. One of the people in my class has a little girl whose birthday is on Thursday and they are still living in TLF and very depressed because of it so I made them a cake. I didn’t have any Pam and I didn’t discover it until too late so the little bears didn’t do too well. I decorated the best of them for my classmate and the others I was just practicing making the stars on them. No pattern, just using the leftover black frosting. So anyway, they weren’t anything special. And though I missed getting shots of the dinner I made and I really don’t think it is worth taking a picture of a hat made exactly the same I did get pictures of Carlos today. He decided he wanted some even though I gave him the head off of a broken one. So here he is:

Trying to act cool, nothing to see here:
Picture 002

Moving in for the kill:
Picture 003

Picture 004

Picture 007

Picture 009

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