A Very Productive Day

I am very proud of my progress today. I got a lot of stuff done and I didn’t even start until after lunch… Here is the following that I got done:

– Emptied 2 boxes, not three, but hey two is better than none
– Folded and put away all laundry
– After doing about 7 loads of laundry, not 5
– Organized and cleaned the kitchen, also did two loads of dishes
– Baked another batch of cookies
– Work on my two sweaters, though I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, but house stuff came first today
– Organized the guest room/knitting room
– Neatened up the house in general, Ernesto even helped with this!

Overall a wonderful day and hopefully my weekend will be filled with crafts instead of chores.

On another topic we had an AWESOME thunderstorm last night. It has been about 5 years since I was in a good one (there aren’t any storms in Alaska…) and this made up for it. It scared Babykins though. I had to go cuddle with him a bit until the storm was over. But I can’t complain about that, some day he won’t let me so I am enjoying it while I can:)

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