Three Main WIPs

Now that my head cold is mostly gone, I have started knitting again. I cast on for the Snow White and have very little done, but it took me three tries to get the cast on right. Carlos makes it hard to knit… Anyway Ysolda Teague is a genius with her video on how to do the cast on. I just had extra stitches the first two times… This is what I have so far. This is my main project. I hope to finish it before December. I may be able to since we are taking a long trip to Big Bend with my parents when they come and visit.

My next project is a sweater for Ernesto’s cousin. His woman is preggers so I am making a baby sweater. I love baby sweaters, who cares about gauge!!!! I want to work on this one at least 15 minutes a day. The baby isn’t due for a while so I have time…

BTW, check out the cute sheepie stitch marker from my swap. Already in use less than 24 hours later:)

No pictures yet but my last WIP is a blanket for my father. It is out of Red Heart. I know, I know… but using better yarn would be lost on my family for a blanket. The cats will sleep on it and it needs to be easily washed. The amount of yarn I am going to use on it is going to be huge too. I will try to work on this one 15 minutes too and this one will become more of a priority later.

So three WIPs when I had just one yesterday (dad’s blanket). I do need to work on my hibernating projects too. Hopefully when some of these get done I can start some of those. I do want to finish those socks for Ernesto and that purse…

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